Camlock Coupling

Camlock Coupling works on lever locking principle. A cam lobe on the lever is secured with a pin on a coupler body. In the lock position, this cam lobe holds the adaptor plug and a sealing mechanism providing a leak proof connection.

  • Connection : Connection is performed by simply extending the lever arms of coupler body and sliding the adaptor smoothly inside the coupler.
  • Assembly Lock : When Adaptor makes contact against the gasket, move the cam levers down until the levers are parallel to the coupler body. The lever and the radius grove of adaptors will securely lock the assembly. The mechanism is designed in such a way that when line pressure attempts to force the coupler and adaptor apart, the bottom edge of the cam arm increases the locking action.
  • Disconnection : The disconnection is just as quick and easy. With normal hand pressure, lift the lever arms fully. This will unlock the adaptor. Slide the adaptor out of coupler, the coupling is disconnected without use of any tools.
Camlock Adaptors

Size: 1/2” – 8” Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass

adaptor male F
adaptor Female A
adaptor hose shank E
Spool Adaptor
Flanged Adaptor
Dust Plug