Polyurethane Hose

Polyurethane Copper Coated Steel Wire Hose
•  Available ID 19mm to 30mm
Temperature Range •   400C to 900C ( +125.c short term )

Construction :
Pu Hose is made of abrasion resistant polyurethane with copper plates spring steel spiral ambedded into wall. Very light and extremely flexible hose with good tensile & abrasionstrength & ultimate elegnation. Free of softners, halogen free, physiological safe, cadmoim free and excellent elasticity.

Application :
Blowing fume removal woodenwork plastic duct, powder, gases textiles, plastic printing, ceramic, furniture, chemical industry, paint industry, oil fog exhaust, Machine manufacturing, Universal hose for transportation of light solids & for air & gas transportation. Being food grade material can use in food and pharmaceuticals industries.